Social Risk Management, LLC (SRM) is a consulting company that has been established recently in 2008. It plans to carry out participatory risk management strategies, socioeconomic surveys and social assessments for development projects in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and the US. SRM’s expertise is based on social, financial, and institutional analysis and  social/economic impacts for the affected populations in various sectors (oil and gas, transport, and infrastructure). The expertise provided by the SRM specialists includes design, review and policy recommendations in regards to land acquisition and compensation procedures, valuation and assessment of affected assets, as well as assessment of needs, concerns and interests of the affected people, HIV/AIDS, and financial risks both at the community and individual household level.

SRM is committed to full and broad participation of all stakeholders, including relevant institutions, communityorganizations, as well as the poor, ethic minorities,  women and other vulnerable groups.